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Our regular classes develop our students to play the game of Capoeira. We develop m88 best online casinoan awareness of the importance of a thorough warm-up and develop core skills of co-ordination, strength, flexibility and stamina.

We teach Capoeira footwork, building on the movement basics of each general type (advancing, evading and basic Capoeira acrobatics).

Additionally we cover the principles of the game of Capoeira that consist of sequences of m88 best online casinolinked movements with a partner and how to apply the movements students learn within the Roda (the circle where Capoeira takes place).

Our aim is to develop the playfulness within us all and learn about Capoeira movement, music and culture.

If you have any questions please see our FAQ section or contact us.

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Capoeira music is an m88 Best Sports Betting Siteessential part of Capoeira tradition. Combining singing with percussion, Capoeira music provides energy and rhythm to the game. Tales are told through songs sung in Portuguese, which convey Brazilian history and the history of Capoeira.

We teach Capoeira songs and how to play the percussive instruments used during the games m88 bettingof Capoeira; the reco-reco (the scraper), the agogo (the cowbell), the pandeiro (the tambourine) and the atabaque (drum). The main instrument, the berimbau, is also taught during the lesson.

If you have any questions please see our FAQ section or contact us.